This site is now for informational purposes only. I'm saving the last few spots for a few other people. If you have not paid, I will begin deactivations within this week.

ATT_US.ipcc ATT_US.ipcc
Size : 0.032 Kb
Type : ipcc

MMS Now Available!!! Download the above file. Open iTunes and hold shift/option (just like browsing for an IPSW) and select "Carrier File".... browse for and select the above file. ONLY IF YOU ARE WITH ATT US. This will possibly/probably brick your phone otherwise. Call ATT and tell them you are on a Dev Team (if I activated you, you are) and that you need MMS activated. Poofy spoof, you're in!!!

If you're here, you are having a problem with installing the iPhone 3.0 beta on your phone. Either you don't have an activated device, you don't know how to install the beta or maybe you just hit a snag. Well, I think I can help with any of those.

The first thing you are going to need to do is join or be a part of a development team. I'm looking for active beta testers who want to join such a team! There is a $15 fee to join. You'll be the first to get any apps I create. As another benefit, you will aslo be able to install the 3.0 beta on your phone! Just fill out THIS FORM and I'll take care of the rest. To help you feel more at ease, you pay nothing until you have been able to install beta 3.0 on your phone. This way I know you can test apps for me ;-) However, I will remove any non-payers from the team. Become active HERE. You will need your UDID.

If you don't know how to get your UDID (universal device ID), look at these two links:

  If iTunes is not available for you, use this:

The first thing you need is the appropriate IPSW file :

iPhone 2g
iPhone 3g
iTouch 2g 

Download these with your favorite torrent app (I prefer uTorrent).

Once you have the appropriate .IPSW file for your device, you may install through iTunes. This process will not complete until you have been activated on a development team. If you have already installed the file, becoming activated will fix your phone.

Shift Click (pc) or Option Click (Mac) on the restore button in iTunes. Navigate to the .IPSW file. iTunes will do the rest!

Look at the FAQ page for tips on common errors and tethering instructions!

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